Dr. Maha Boulos


We invest in the latest technology to meet all of your cosmetic and oral health needs. At South Bay Infinite Smiles, we want to make your experience as comfortable and efficient as possible.  Our technologies include:

Intraoral Scanner

Our scanner is used to capture a digital impression of your mouth and teeth. No more goopy and messy impressions and no more waiting for weeks for a lab to get you results. In one short appointment, we will create a smile simulation and show you your future smile.

Intraoral Camera

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. This is why we utilize the magnification abilities of an intraoral camera to demonstrate and show you your teeth and your oral health. Dr. Boulos uses this technology for improved communication and more accurate diagnosis. 

Digital X-Rays

We use an electronic sensor to capture an image of your teeth. Some of the benefits of these digital x-rays are minimal radiation, compared to traditional x-rays, and the immediate availability of these images. 

Laser Treatment

At South Bay Infinite Smiles, we have invested in laser technology and the appropriate certification to treat your periodontal disease. Laser treatment has been shown to effectively remove inflammation around your gums and restore the health of your gums and bone. 

ZOOM! Whitening

We use Zoom technology to apply a thin layer of bleaching gel directly to your teeth and use a light that triggers the whitening process. In about an hour’s time, you will leave our office with a smile that is several shades lighter. If you have a special event or family/professional photos to take, then this treatment is for you.

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