Root Canal Therapy

If you are suffering from a toothache that won’t go away, or you notice swelling on your gums, it may be a sign that your tooth needs endodontic therapy or a root canal.

Many people worry that this procedure will be painful; however, advanced technology combined with Dr. Boulos's skill and experience make this procedure comfortable and efficient for our patients. Call South Bay Infinite Smiles today at (310) 792-0049 for more information on painless root canal treatment in Torrance or schedule an appointment.

Signs of a Root Canal

Some early signs of a tooth infection might be:

  • Spontaneous and lingering pain
  • Extreme sensitivity to cold and hot temperature
  • Pain to chewing and biting
  • A traumatic injury causing the tooth to turn gray

Why Do I Need a Root Canal? 

Our goal is to save your tooth. If an infected tooth goes untreated, the damage will cause tooth loss. It is also important to:

  • Manage pain and sensitivity caused by the infection
  • Remove decay from the tooth and protect it from further damage
  • Prevent the spread of infection to the adjacent teeth
  • Save the tooth

What Happens During Endodontic Therapy?

Like any other routine dental procedure, Dr. Boulos will anesthetize the tooth, making it numb and preventing any discomfort. She will access the infected tissue through the tooth's chewing surface and eliminate the bacteria that have caused the infection. Filling material is then placed into the canals to prevent the risk of reinfection. Since the remaining tooth structure will now be disease-free but more brittle, Dr. Boulos will place a protective ceramic crown over the tooth to restore proper function and to prevent fracture due to everyday use.

Does Root Canal Treatment Hurt?

Root canals are routine treatment, and Dr. Boulos is as gentle as possible during the procedure to make sure that you are very comfortable. With a local anesthetic, root canals are virtually painless and usually last one appointment. 

If you are feeling nervous and anxious, please let us know. At South Bay Infinite Smiles, we will offer you nitrous oxide to make your root canal therapy more comfortable.

What Happens After Your Root Canal?

When we complete your root canal procedure, we will prescribe a combination of Tylenol and ibuprofen, pending a medical clearance. For the next few days, your tooth may be sore or show signs of discomfort but no pain. Be sure not to chew on the tooth for the next two days. You'll need to return for a second appointment if we recommend a crown over the tooth.

Our goal at Infinite Smiles is to alleviate your pain and help you regain your healthy smile. Call us today to make an appointment to discuss your symptoms so we can address your needs.