Dr. Maha Boulos

Have You Noticed That Your Teeth Are Getting More Crowded?

May 22, 2021
Posted By: Maha Boulos, DDS

When the jaw closes and the teeth in the top jaw and lower jaw do not fit properly over each other, the resulting condition is known as malocclusion or misaligned jaw. It is not your imagination! Misaligned teeth do worsen with time! What begins as mild alignment issues will change with age. With time, teeth tend to drift toward the front. This pressure from the back causes teeth to shift past one another or rotate. This change is most pronounced on the bottom front teeth. As the alignment worsens, other issues may get severe.

Why Crooked Teeth Are Bad And What Are The Related Issues?

People with crooked teeth or misaligned bites often face the following issues:

Oral Hygiene

It becomes hard to clean the teeth because food and tartar becomes stuck between the crevices. This leads to cavities and gum disease.  

Gum Recession

Crooked bottom teeth are prone to having gums that recede away from the pressure of misalignment and the bite.


For some people, the discomfort caused by poorly-aligned teeth can cause headaches.

Excessive Wear and Chipped Teeth

Incorrectly aligned teeth puts pressure on the teeth leading to excessive wear and tear. This can lead to chipped teeth and cracks in the teeth.

What Are The Benefits Of Fixing Crooked Or Misaligned Teeth?

  • Teeth are easier to floss and keep clean.
  • The risk of gum recession is decreased as gums fit better around the teeth.
  • Excessive wear and tear of teeth is eliminated. We want to prevent teeth from chipping and cracking.
  • Straight smile is an important part of personality. It boosts confidence and self-esteem

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