Dr. Maha Boulos

The Future is Here: A Digital Scanner for Your Teeth

February 4, 2021
Posted By: Dr. Boulos

We are surrounded by technology and it affects every single part of our day, from the way we order our food to the way our kids communicate with their teachers. Dentistry is part of that landscape. South Bay Infinite Smiles is happy to introduce you to the Itero Element 5D. It is an intraoral scanner that allows us to capture a detailed 5D mapping of your mouth. We can gather a myriad of information and allows us to provide you a more comfortable experience. The “wand” is an intraoral cameral that we move around your mouth and that takes thousands of frames per second. The software in the Itero puts these frames together into an image of your mouth. What are some of the benefits of the ITERO?

No More Goopy Impression

There is no need to take goopy impressions of your teeth. We can take a scan of your teeth to fabricate aligners for Invisalign treatment, nightguards, crowns and dentures. The scan provides a more accurate image of your mouth which allows for a better fit for all the services we deliver.

You Can See the Outcome of Invisalign Treatment 

In one minute, the Itero creates a demonstration of how your teeth can look when they are moved with Invisalign. We can show you a before and after through an outcome simulator. A picture is worth a thousand words!

We Can Spot Problems Early On

The Itero 5D has NIRI (Near Infrared Imaging) technology that allows us to detect fractures in the teeth and cavities (even before they are detected on the xrays. We can take care of minor dental issues before they get bigger and more expensive.

The team at South Bay Infinite Smiles is ready to get you scanned. Call us today at (310) 792-0049 to schedule your free demonstration. 

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